Today’s consumer is increasingly spending more time in-app. In fact, 85% of user time is spent in less than 5 apps, making it more difficult for publishers to monetize user activity and boost engagement. Contact our team today to learn how to keep your users in-app for longer.


40% of today’s apps generate below $830 per month. Generate a new revenue channel by monetizing your member’s in-app searches. Rakuten Rewards’ team can show you how.


It’s not enough to just have a great user experience these days, today’s savvy consumers want – in fact, expect – more. Reward your users for staying loyal and spending more time within your brand or app environment utilizing Rakuten’s loyalty engine.


Better understanding your user’s behavior means a better in-app experience and more value for your brand. Gain insight into what triggers your members to take action by capturing and analyzing their search data including search terms and URLs visited.

Our Solutions

Mobile SDK

2015 marks the year that the mobile search has overtaken desktop search. With the powerful and flexible Rakuten Mobile Software Developer Kit (SDK), app developers are now empowered to effortlessly incorporate a completely customizable search function designed to meet your user engagement and monetization needs.
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Mobile Rewards

With Rakuten Rewards’ loyalty engine, app developers can now keep a user engaged within your loyalty ecosystem by rewarding users with your own loyalty program’s points while on their mobile device.
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Desktop Rewards

While mobile reaches users on the go, many users still consider desktop to be their #1 starting point for searching and shopping. Over 130 billion searches are conducted each month and desktop still accounts for 77% of all US online sales as users rely on the web to locate information and goods that they need. Our web solutions, powered by industry-leading search and shopping platforms, offer a superior user experience while ensuring your brand is continually top of mind for desktop consumers.
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Our Platforms

Clients & Partners

Many of the world’s largest loyalty programs choose Rakuten and our partners to help them generate ancillary revenue and accelerate the rate at which their members earn rewards.



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