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The Problem with The Purchase

From the dawn of big business, passed down from the C-level through every MBA course, and all manner of rockstar marketing gods on the rise, to media strategists, loyalty managers, sales execs, and consultants-for-hire, one maxim has been the rallying cry, echoing through office halls everywhere – “The purchase is king”. The purchase has been … Read More

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5 Tips for Building a Successful Loyalty Program

5 Tips for Building a Successful Loyalty Program

A loyalty program, if done right, can be an integral part of your customer retention and growth strategy. A recent study by Maritz Motivation discovered that more than 45% of consumers name the opportunity to earn rewards as their primary driver for purchasing from a brand. But successful loyalty programs not only allow you to … Read More

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Always Engaged: Four Easy Ways to Create Customer Loyalty Across Touch Points

Think about a few of the best relationships you have. More often than not, they were formed not by just occasionally seeing friends, co-workers, neighbors, or even spouses, or through a series of brief static interactions, but through frequent interactions and spending quality time with them, often daily. As consumers, we spend less than 3% … Read More

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Welcome to The Blog

Welcome to the Rakuten Rewards Blog

Hello and welcome to the brand new Rakuten Rewards Blog! Here you will find the latest on today’s loyalty and engagement best practices, success stories from our clients, industry insights, and resources for making the most of your loyalty program. We will be updating this space on a regular basis to keep you in touch with all the … Read More

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